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"Ofek Liyladenu" – Our Children's Horizon, was established in Israel in 1997, as a national non-profit association of parents of children with visual impairment.  Ofek Liyladenu is a big community for more than 1200 families from all parts of Israeli society: Jewish, Muslims and Christians, and provides support and services to 4,000 children and their families.

The main goals of our association is to support parents of  children with visual impairment by the following actions:

  • Build a community that will provide mutual support, sense of belonging, and services to the children, their parents and families.
  • Support the children's talents, and the fulfillment of their potentialthrough development of practical, emotional and social abilities and skills. Development of mental strength, independence, and sense of security and belief in their own abilities.
  • Provide timely updated and accessible information on various aspects such as: medical, psychological, technology, rights and legislation.
  • Provide a central public representation in areas such as advocacy and services.
  • Promote better understanding of our children's impairment and changepublic attitudes to the disabled and promote tolerance and inclusion.
  • Protect and promote the children's rights.

Ofek Liyladenu operates through three major channels:

  1. Advocacy, Rights and Information

As the sole national representative association, we promote and protect the children’s rights, provide representation and advocacy for legislation and policy formation vis-à-vis the Knesset, the Government, local authorities and the Judiciary. For example, our successful appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ).

The association also provides timely and accurate information for the parents and children.

  1. Development of community

Ofek Liyladenu is an active community nurturing solidarity, caring and supportive relations between families, and creates a sense of strength and belonging.  We provide support to the parents who are faced with a daily challenge of raising a child with a serious disability: emotional, psychological and professional support. E.g. Parents support groups, mentoring program, families’ recreation activity and more.

  1. Special Programs

Ofek Liyladenu developed professionalism and unique expertise in response to the special needs of the children and their families which are not supported by the authorities. The association operates special programs to strengthen the capabilities, talents and mental strength of the children so that they grow to be independent proactive adults. These programs include: “Excellence on the Horizon” – educational support program; “Musical Dreams” – musical education program to develop the sense of hearing, musical and communicative abilities that compensate for visual impairment; “Employment on the Horizon” – vocational training and placement for visually impaired and blind teens during the summer vacation; NASA space camp for visually impaired youth; and more.

facts and figures 2015

Ofek Liyladenu 2015 – Facts and Figures

1,200 families of children with blindness or visual impairment: a big warm and supportive community.

4,000 school students – Accessibility to the Education System.

5,000 people – Information: education, medicinal, rehabilitation and technology.

2,850children and families: Rights, Legislation and Policy Change.

1,500 expose to the world of Blindness through our team of volunteers.

360  kids & teens – music, education, emotional support, families’ activities and training for employment.

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